Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa is valid for entering Thailand within 6 months from the date of application. The period of stay is 60 days maximum per stay. You may enter Thailand again as long as the visa is still valid.

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa can only be applied for at Thai consulates and embassies within your home country and costs around 150 EUR.

Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

Documents Needed for a Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

When applying for a Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa you will need (list can slightly vary depending on embassy / consulate):

  1. Passport valid for at least six months.
  2. Copy of the main page of the passport.
  3. Duly filled-in and signed Thai Visa Application Form.
  4. One or two passport size (4 x 6 cm) photos.
  5. Visa fee (cash) or a proof of fee payment confirmed by the bank (accepted payment options depend on embassy / consulate).
  6. Return / onward journey air ticket for flying out of Thailand for the first visit (some embassies / consulates ignore this requirement, others not).
  7. Hotel or apartment address in Thailand that can be verified and evidence of accommodation booking for the first visit.
  8. Proof of bank balance exceeding around 5,000 EUR per person (6 months of financial statements).
  9. Proof of employment

At the time of your arrival to Thailand, you will have to submit Thailand Arrival Card as well. Learn how to fill it here: How to Fill Arrival Card Form.

Thai Embassies and Consulates Issuing Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

You can apply for Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa only at Thai consulates and embassies within your home country!

Thailand E-Visa Application

Thailand E-Visa Application service giving an opportunity to apply for Thai visa online was recently launched. E-Visa service will make application for Thailand visa at Thai embassies and consulates much easier. 

Thailand E-Visa application service is currently available for Chinese and for visa submission at the Royal Thai Embassy in Beijing only. The service will be made available in Thai consulates in other Chinese cities soon.

From 1 April 2019, visa applicants in the UK and Ireland will have to apply for Thailand visa online as well. Thai embassies and consulates in other countries and cities around the world are expected to start using Thailand E-Visa application service over a three year period.

More information about application for Thai visa online can be found here: Thailand E-Visa Application: Apply for Thai Visa Online.


Thailand Immigration control procedure at the airport in Thailand is briefly described here: Thailand Immigration Control Procedure for Foreigners.

Your stay in Thailand can be extended once per entry. In most cases it can be extended by 30 days. For more information check: Thai Visa Extension.

The application of a Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa seems to be not worth the effort? You can opt for one of the easier ways to visit Thailand - Free visa-exempt stay, Visa on Arrival or Single-Entry Tourist Visa.

Any Questions?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions about getting Thailand Visa at Thai Embassies and Consulates and ask your own question if it's not answered there yet.

FAQ - Thai Visa at Embassy / Consulate

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