Thailand Seasons: Weather & Climate

Thailand has always been attractive for tourists thanks to its wonderful weather. The tropical climate in Thailand is under the influence of monsoon winds of seasonal character, characterized by three seasons. Since Thailand is a vast country stretching from north to south, seasons in Thailand can differ from region to region.

From the meteorological point of view, the climate of Thailand may be divided into 3 distinct seasons as follows:

1. Rainy or southwest monsoon season

The rainy season in Thailand begins around mid-May and lasts to around mid-October. The southwest monsoon prevails over Thailand and abundant rain occurs over the country. The wettest period of the year is August to September. Even though the likelihood of heavy rains across the country is high, there is still a good chance of experiencing periods of good weather. It does not mean that it rains all the time. It rains almost every day, but usually only a few hours at a time, and mostly in the afternoon and evening or night. Then the clear sky peeks out again, and the air suddenly feels a little fresher.

The exception is found on the East Coast of Southern Thailand (Koh SamuiKoh Phangan, Ko Tao) where abundant rain remains until the end of the year that is the beginning period of the northeast monsoon and November is the wettest month here. The rainy season in Thailand is often hot and humid, and can be perceived as unpleasant by tourists.

The average temperatures during the day range between 28 and 32°C and the average temperature at night is between 25-27°C. The rainy season varies from place to place.

The advantage of the rainy season is that there is less dust and air pollution. Nature is also getting greener. This season is known as the low season for the Thai tourism industry. You can easily relax, have fun and go on vacation with discounts of up to 50% for your holiday. Bars and beaches are less crowded. However, you should avoid cruising in the rainy season to avoid storms and bad weather affecting your schedule. When the rainfall intensifies, flooding can occur in sea-level cities such as Bangkok and Ayutthaya. In the rainy season, you can go join cooking class, or see Muay Thai Boxing. You can also enlist to visit famous temples in Thailand.

2. Winter or northeast monsoon season

The so-called winter season, also known as Thailand's cool season, starts around mid-October and lasts to around mid-February. It is the mild period of the year with quite cold weather in December and January in the upper Thailand. You do not have to be afraid of freezing as temperatures will be around 18- 32°C. At night, during this season, the temperature can drop below 20°C and Thais may find it a bit chilly. There is a great amount of rainfall on the East Coast of Southern Thailand, especially during October to November.

In fact, from October to February it is the best climate for traveling to Thailand that also marks the high tourist season in Thailand. The hours of sunshine are greater, the humidity is lower and it rains less. You can explore the city without fear of drowning in sweat. Both southern Thailand and central Thailand are excellent for holidays in the winter.

With the most pleasant time of the year in Thailand, the number of foreign visitors is also higher than in other months. More tourism obviously means “higher prices”. Flights are also more expensive during this time, and hotels are often full with major tourist attractions such as the Grand Palace or the floating markets usually getting very busy these months. You should hunt for cheap flight tickets in advance to lower costs.

3. Summer or pre-monsoon season

Summer season starts around mid-February and lasts to around mid-May. This is the transitional period from the northeast to southwest monsoons. As you can easily guess from the name, this is the hottest season in Thailand. During this period, the average air temperature is around 30-35°C, which combined with high humidity can be tiring, especially for young children or older people. The lowest temperature in March, April and May is 25-27°C. Even though this is summer in Thailand, the rains are always expected as a relief from the sweltering heat. Rains occasionally come in late April and May to cool the air a little bit.

The temperature can be reaching as high as 40°C in April, which is actually the hottest month of the year. However, April is still a great month to go to Thailand, not only for the temperatures but also to immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the Songkran festival - Thai New Year. The biggest festival of the year is taking place on 13-15 April and the whole country embarks on a three-day water war. Throwing water together also literally cools you down.

If you intend to visit Thailand in the hottest months, the advice is spending time on the coasts. During this time, the beach scenery in Thailand is stunningly beautiful. The days are characterized by blue skies and calm wind conditions. It's a good idea to go to the lovely beaches to cool off in the water. The proximity to the sea certainly helps you suffer less from the heat than spending it in the big city and you will have the opportunity to discover more interesting experiences.

If you want to make an excursion in the northern mountainous provinces such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai or Pai, you can go in this season as the temperature in the mountains is quite mild and pleasant. As for the Central and Northeastern regions of Thailand, this time will not be suitable for the trip because the weather will be very hot and humid. Shopping in fashion centers, enjoying the rooftop bars in the evening are great options to avoid the heat of Bangkok.

Weather of Thailand Regions

Thailand is big and at the same time the weather may vary a lot in different regions of the country. If specific part of Thailand is in your trip plan, check the weather of Thailand regions.

Thailand Weather by Month

Thailand weather changes quite drastically throughout the year. Check Thailand weather by month and get an idea what weather should be expected at the time of your visit to Thailand.

Best Time to Visit Thailand

When is the best time to visit Thailand? The peak tourism season of Thailand is the cool season lasting from November to February when the weather is coolest and driest. Visiting the country during the peak tourism season has it's pros and cons so you better check what is the best time for you to fulfil your own trip itinerary!